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ExportFeed: Export Product Feeds to Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay & 40+ Others
Free – $89.99 / month
40% discount
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Send & Manage Data Feeds with ExportFeed - Benefit from Google, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Facebook & More!

Make eCommerce Promotion Efforts effective! Manage Data Feeds with ExportFeed!

  • Send data feeds to 40+ merchants, affiliates and comparison shopping channels like Google, Bing, Shareasale, Amazon, Yahoo, Etsy, eBay, Newegg, Facebook etc!

  • Make changes on your feeds and update them to marketing channel automatically!

  • Create feeds in CSV, TXT and XML and make promotion effective while saving time!

  • Offering free installation of ExportFeed in your shopify platform for premium users.

  • Get ExportFeed Free Version - creates feeds of up to 50 products!

Connect and Manage your Shopping Cart Product Feeds to over 40 Marketplaces with ExportFeed

It’s the competitive eCommerce world and it always gets tough if you don’t step up your promotion game. So, for that you need to list your products to those sales channels that promises to yield the best outcome. The more marketplaces you connect to, the more exposure your product gets. Interesting part - when you add products, the feeds can be updated and so will the listing in your merchant sites, a few of them here:

  • Google Merchant

  • Bing Ads!

  • Facebook Dynamic Ads

  • eBay

  • Etsy

  • Amazon

  • NexTag

  • PriceGrabber

  • Bonanja


  • Shopzila

  • .....and more.

Reasons to manage Data Feeds with ExportFeed!

Simple & easy to use:

Installing ExportFeed can be completed in a matter of minutes. Your products promotion starts when you setup ExportFeed. Within a few time, you will be able to create optimized feeds and send them to your selling channels.

Feeds are created per merchant:

We have integrated the requirement of over 40+ merchant’s feed in ExportFeed. With this, the benefit you get is that you just have to select the merchant for which you are creating feed files and it’s done. As the requirements are well met, your feed files will be accepted and products will be listed easily.

Time & cost effective:

Using ExportFeed in your Shopify platform is a timesaver. You will be able to create the feeds without spending a lot of time. The better part of using ExportFeed is you have the option to sync the prodcut changes to your sales channels automatically. Further, if you need to map categories and attributes or other taxonomies, it will be time consuming manually. For this ExportFeed offers advanced commands.

Ensures return on investment:

Most of the shopping channels tend to list the latest updated feeds at the front. Therefore being able to change the feeds regularly and sending the feeds empowers your listing in the merchants helping to reach potential customers and keeping you on top of the list.

Timely support:

Anytime when you need to create, optimize feeds or manage them better, you can contact our friendly support team and expect to get the solution for your queries.

Other Interesting Benefits of ExportFeed:

  • Technical skills not required due to intuitive user interface.

  • Include the Product Variations in your feed files.

  • Map your local product category with the merchant category.

  • Schedule your product feeds in ExportFeed to keep listings updated.

  • Customize your product attributes as needed by the merchants.

  • Let your selling channel access feeds through URL.

  • Saves time and reduces chances of feed input errors.

  • Improves your SEO, Conversion & even ROI
  • 7 Days Free Trial:

    We do understand that for some, just reference is not enough. You need to have firsthand experience. Therefore, we have offered seven days free trial which will help you to understand functioning of ExportFeed and the immense benefit that you can get.

    Blushwomen posted a year ago

    Great chat support, and very quick as well. We're on our first days using the app so I hope it will be a great one :)

    Rothirsch posted a year ago

    I was looking for a feed with specific requirements. The support team of Exportfeed helped me create the feed, even during in trial period. My feed was up and running in no time. Great experience!

    Lifetime Merchandise posted a year ago

    An absolute mess. Even after Uninstalling the APP they constantly contact you offering no way to Unsubscribe.

    Vianney Home Decor posted 2 years ago

    Great app and amazing support! ExportFeed team helped us to integrate our feed and we are now selling on Amazon all of our Shopify products.

    Ugust99 posted 2 years ago

    I went through 3 trial periods before this tool was set up by their tech team. The feed still did not work and when I asked for it to be fixed they sent me instructions to do it myself. Not what I call good customer service and the UI is antiquated.