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Create unique sales campaigns with BuzzFeed

Selling with Shopify is easy, and now you can share your products with BuzzFeed’s writers to consider for its unique, and clever onsite content. Leveraging social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and it’s own content site with popular lists, BuzzFeed can make a customer out of anyone.

With the BuzzFeed channel, all sales made you fulfill like any other online store order. As well as, like all Shopify sales channels, it’s simple to manage inventory, sync your product details, variants and images to BuzzFeed’s Market Tool in real time.

Add the powerful BuzzFeed channel to make it easy for BuzzFeed’s writers to discover and promote your products to its highly engaged audience.


  • Make it easy for BuzzFeed writers to discover and consider your products

  • Reach BuzzFeed’s massive audience with over 200 million monthly unique visitors

  • Ability to control commission rates based on what you can afford

  • Manage and fulfill orders directly through Shopify

  • Automated commission payouts

A new partnership between Shopify and BuzzFeed, will now give you the chance to put your products directly in front of BuzzFeed’s editors for use in BuzzFeed’s highly-effective marketing campaigns, seen and shared by millions every day.

Using Shopify’s sales channels like BuzzFeed helps you generate incremental revenue. Why put all your eggs in one basket? Start selling, and reaching new audiences today!

Slipon88 posted 9 months ago

Just got our first product review on Buzzfeed - this app is great!

Shatter Batter posted 9 months ago

Not sure there is any real value to this. I have seen no traffic and can not find my product on their site. I have repeatedly upped the commission all they way to 25 percent just to see what would happen. Nothing. Not sure what the purpose of the app is if no one gets picked up for it. I thought I was doing something wrong so went and manually put my product up on buzzfeed and was simply kicked off the site for self promotion. Not a bad web site but a pretty useless app.

Pinkpopcornshop posted 10 months ago

After reading the reviews, I'm glad to see im not doing something wrong.
I have not seen any traffic or indication on Buzzfeed's site that they're linking to any small shops.
I'll keep the channel open in case anything changes

Ekr Jewelry Inc posted 10 months ago

App needs to be removed. Had this installed for months and not one single sale.

Dogparentsonline Com posted 10 months ago

Dont get, They are not using your store to generate ads etc...

Syrian Mother Of Pearl Furniture posted 10 months ago

Few items were not uploaded i don't if i did something wrong, other than that this app is great.

Karla And Co posted 10 months ago

Been installed for over a month. No traffic, no sales and there is no information on where or how your products are shown.

Ecnatural posted a year ago

Don't waste your time on this one.. There is no movement from this app at all. Would give it one star but it was easy to download and that's it.

Angrykittyonline posted a year ago

I had not had any traffic or or items promoted yet. We are still waiting.

Heartratemonitorsusa posted a year ago

No sales from this app, seems like a promotion to get Buzzfeed hype and awareness. Although approved, they have not selected any of our products to feature and only seem to go with larger retailers like Amazon.