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Virtual Intelligent Agents
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This app is replaced by our Live Chat 24/7 + Chatbot app which adds the chatbot functionality to a high quality live chat software!

Virtual intelligent agents app is discontinued, we'll provide full support for Live Chat 24/7.


Dear Shopify Community,
Here is the bottom line up front. This app on PC/Mac is amazing. BUT, this app on ANY MOBILE DEVICE is terrible. On mobile devices the chatbox is cut off, and users can't see the whole textbox. Since the chatbox is not centered on mobile devices it's hard for a user to type in the field and read it. What is more, as a Shopify store owner you have to ask yourself if you want to look like a second-rate business with a website that doesn't have 100% functionality. If you were to use this app and customers on mobile devices saw this unresponsive chatbox what would they infer about your brand and method of doing business? They would think, "These people don't have their act together and if they can't even make a simple chatbox function right on their site how are they going to handle and secure my payment information?!" Don't do that to yourself or your brand. Also, I've emailed back and forth with the developer about the issue and the response I received was essentially, "We have an app development plan and fixing this is not in our plan. We can't just fix this for a few requests." When I asked if I could pay them to have this fixed the developer told me, "It's not about money, it's about time." So essentially, they would rather put out an incomplete app that makes the site owners look bad than take the time to fix it and represent their own brand well. In short, great idea and a good start on the development of this app but a poor execution. This app would get 5 stars if it were mobile device responsive and the developers actually cared about each customer who uses their products. To all members of the Shopify community looking for an alternative, try the updated version of the ViCloning app, now called Marketeer. Visit
-Very Respectfully

BLU-HQ posted 3 years ago

Amazing! A must have for shop owners with no workforce. It's reliable quick and easy. You train your agent what to say as if it were on your staff. Saved me a lot of hassle