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Auto Currency Switcher
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Shopify Auto Currency Converter App

If your business is spread across multiple countries, you would always want the visitor to be able to see the displayed price in their home currency. Seeing displayed prices in one's home currency save your foreign customers from Pain of mathematical gymnastic. It also increases comfort level of a foreign customer. The customer can also change the currency from the currency selection box. The checkout remains in the shop currency.

Benefit over Manual Currency Converter

As per the recent surveys in e-commerce, only 5% of the total foreign visitors switch currencies using a manual currency switcher. Remaining 95% prefer to see the currencies in their home currency automatically. Thus, Shopify Auto Currency Switcher App helps you target the 95% foreign customers and increase your global sales.

User Readable Price Figures

After the currency conversion, new figures are normally not user readable. i.e. USD $100 is converted to €75.19 which is very inconvenient for users to read. This app removes digits after the decimal points. e.g. € 75.19 is displayed as € 75.00. The store owner has an option to disable this feature from the 'Money Options' in the theme settings.

Geo-Location Based Country Detection

Shopify Auto Currency Switcher App automatically detects the IP of the user and from that it finds out the country from which the user is browsing your store. When any page loads, the app displays all the prices in the home currency of the user. There is a flexible option to change the currency by the user as per his convenience.

Currency Conversion Rates

The app use's Shopify's XE currency api for fetching live conversion rates.

Customers who are using the app

Shopify store owners from various countries are using this app for their target international audience. Few of the sites are listed below for your reference.




  • Installation

    Shopify Auto Currency Switcher App is a very quick and easy to install. You can get the app working on your store by making only one change to your store settings. We provide free installation support and customizations to blend the currency switcher with your theme.


    Free Plan Features!

    • Free For Life

    • Currency Selector Dropdown

    • All ISO currencies Supported

    • Remembers User's Currency Selection

    • Live rates from Shopify's XE API

    • Free UX Customization for Laptop

    • email Support

    Premium Plan Features!

  • 15 days trial period! Only $9.95 per month after the trial period

  • Currency Selector Dropdown

  • All ISO currencies Supported

  • Remembers User's Currency Selection

  • Live rates from Shopify's XE API

  • IP Based Country Detection

  • Auto Currency Switching

  • Free UX Customization for Mobile/Ipad/Laptop

  • Country Flags

  • Round Converted Prices for cleaner display

  • email / Phone / Chat Support

  • Priority Support for Urgent Setup Requests


If you face any issues during or after installation, feel free to mail us at . We will help you to resolve it within 12 hours. Our team of experts offer free of charge customization to blend the app with your Shopify theme.

Yesterdaysusa posted a year ago

My store as only just opened, but so far the support has been great, they installed and set up the app within hours of downloading it.

Smartcatsstayhome posted a year ago

A great App and their support has been invaluable. They could not make it easier to set-up. Thanks!

Boashop posted a year ago

i always say shopify helping team is the best i have every come across. in deed you are great and for Mlveda i can't say anything much. you are seriously superb.

Eastern Interiors posted a year ago

It's free. Easy to install and works as expected.

Our Peculiar Possessions posted a year ago

Top Rated App *****
Thank you guys so much. I am switching to another currency app because I need one that will show local currency on check out. This is NOT anything to do with these guys but my hand has been forced by Shopify. If all fails I will be back

Super Mizu Store posted a year ago

Amazing email support - made to my specifications in one day.

Knife Ace posted a year ago

Great app and great support! I had some issues integrating this app to my theme and their support team immediately resolved my issue! Definitely recommend this app!

Alpha Golf Gear posted a year ago

WOW! For a free service this product is awesome and the customer support is fantastic. Thanks again

Postive Purchasing Store posted a year ago

Excellent service. I am on the free app and asked for a couple of coding tweaks to move the currency converter to the header and put some text. They did it for free and no fuss. As my store grows I would definitely consider the full paid plan with them. Well, done great customer service.

Creativemonday posted a year ago

Thank you guys the customer service was great and Amrish help me setup the plugin right away in a few hours after I reached out! 5 Stars!