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Any question ? You would like an explaination about your audit or a more precise one ? Contact us by clicking on the Get Support button, it will be a pleasure for us to answer you !

Audity is the only Shopify app to know how your Facebook and Instagram ads really perform.

Facebook Ads is the main marketing channel for Shopify users. But it can be tricky to use. This app aims to help you audit your Facebook account to understand what is going on and what is wrong

A used Facebook Ads account to audit is required to use Audity. If you never used Facebook Ads but you would like try, contact us directly, we can help you to set up first campaigns!

For the moment, Audity analyses three things:

    - Your global metrics

    - Your audiences

    - Your adsets

Global metrics

Audity starts with a quick monthly summary of the most important metrics: Facebook advertising spending, Facebook purchases, total purchases... These are the only metrics that really matter.


Then Audity checks all your Facebook audiences, and tells you if the most important ones (and their lookalike audiences) are correctly created.


Finally, Audity analyses all your adsets (combination between an audience and an ad) to detect the best performing adsets and improve them.

Skiff Life We Fish Skinny Water posted 10 months ago

Not sure where they get their data but when I connected it to our FB account the data was totally wrong and reported a fraction of the budget spent. Nice idea but didn't work.