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Antenna - Mobile-first ratings
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Free Forever: Mobile-first feedback that increases sales

Antenna lets you prompt shoppers to say why they're interested in your products or store. Focus your shoppers' feedback on the product benefits and features that are most relevant to what you sell.

For example, if you sell a dress, shoppers probably want to know about fit, what it matches with, and how it makes them feel. If you're selling wellness products, shoppers are curious about your ingredients, how it has helped other shoppers, and so on.

Whether you use traditional ratings & reviews or not, Antenna helps your shoppers by summarizing how people feel about your products in more detail than a 5-star rating. And because it's just a tap, you get much more feedback than traditional reviews, which means more sales, too.

Check out this brief video to see real-world examples on a smartphone.

Battle-tested in front of 300,000 shoppers.

Antenna launched into private beta with ecommerce brands in late 2016. We've been seen by over 300,000 shoppers across 15 stores, and now we're bringing Antenna to Shopify store owners.

Shoppers that use Antenna add-to-cart 2.1x more than shoppers who simply scroll up and down your page.

You might think that shoppers who scroll down your page, apparently reading your copy and possibly your reviews, are most likely to buy. But that's not enough -- we've seen with our launch partners that shoppers who read responses in Antenna will add-to-cart 2.1x more than those who just scroll down.

Shoppers that use Antenna come back to your site 1.6x more than other shoppers who scroll.

Repeat shoppers are your most valuable shoppers. We've seen that people who use Antenna come back 1.6x more often than people who just scroll up and down your page.

Get more feedback than old-school rating & review platforms

Our launch partners have typically seen 20x more responses through Antenna than they have seen through traditional ratings and reviews.

Antenna summarizes so many perspectives in seconds, your shoppers can quickly understand what many people had to say about your products and store. It's much faster than reading a review, yet very informative.

Get feedback on your entire brand or product line.

"This product has zero reviews. Be the first!" Nobody likes seeing that.

Antenna allows you top optionally pool responses to questions across product pages. This makes sense when a product is basically identical across different listings, or if you ask a question about a product line.

For example, our partners at Crosskix have several products that are simply a color variation. So when people describe Crosskix shoes as Great for Hiking & Running, those responses can appear on all similar Crosskix product listings.

Coming Soon: Premium Marketing Features ★★

Animated Product Stories ★★

As part of our Premium tier, Antenna generates "Animated Product Stories" -- videos of your products and the shopper feedback they've received that you can post to social to drive traffic back. Check out this demo video.

Retarget Antenna-engaged shoppers ★★

People who use Antenna buy more and come to your site more -- these are the shoppers you should be retargeting. Soon, Antenna will enable you to retarget these shoppers on major ad networks right from your Shopify dashboard.

Why retarget someone just because they came from a certain source? Retarget the ones who showed the most interest.

Curation and SEO Benefits ★★

Embed product feeds, powered by shopper feedback. Do you run a clothing store? Show a list of products that your shoppers marked as "Extremely cute" or "Curvy fit". Do you run an outdoor gear store? Show a list of products that your shoppers marked as "Great for camping" or "Durable"!

These embedded feeds will also increase your discoverability to search engines. As your shoppers use Antenna to describe product benefits, Google and others will be able to see automatically generated lists of those products. For example, "jackets great for winter".

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Antenna replace my ratings and reviews platform?

No, Antenna is a separate tool. We have several partners who use Antenna as a complement to traditional reviews, and some who use Antenna as their only feedback tool!

In fact, our top performing partner in the beta didn't have a review platform at all. Antenna works best when placed just below your product description, or at least above your reviews, so that people get to see the summarized feedback quickly.

Antenna is also useful for asking people pre-purchase questions, and this increases sales, too. Asking people anything, like what color they would like a product in, or how they imagine using it, or how it fits in their lives, will improve their connection to your products and brand.

Why is Antenna free?

Antenna wants to help storeowners of all sizes collect valuable opinions from their shoppers. We like to be seen as a revenue-driver rather than a "cost", and so our business model is about using our unique interaction and content to ultimately drive quality traffic to you, whether you have 500 or 5 million shoppers per month.

Do you sell data?

No, never. We will only use the data to support the features we are building in our premium tier: animated product stories, retargeting, and so on.

Whippedupwonderful posted a year ago

I think I like it, however, I really wish I could see what the customers are saying. I would have to go item by item to read the reviews on the online store.
I read reviews from my customers and for a review app, it's weird I can't do that from the dashboard.

Looptworks posted a year ago

Simple to implement and an easy way to gather community feedback on products. Haven't tried the video component yet, but have experimented with polls with good levels of customer engagement.

Jkestore posted a year ago

It is quite simply for started out business. Thanks for the free app.

Rystyle posted a year ago

Best alternative to relying on stars and Reviews.
Its a Unique an original feature you wont find anywhere else.
You let the community vote on the 4 options answers and questions you can customise.

At first i wasn't able to install the script in the right places due to my premium theme, but the Antenna team were very helpful and installed it for me where i needed it to be.

Check it out at, open any products and look under the image gallery.

Crosskix posted a year ago

Very cool app! Allows new and current customers to get some feedback from past customers giving them additional information of product uses and feedback. Easy to install and great support team!

Lynn Louisa posted a year ago

We love Anetnna.

The app was super simple to setup / install. We immediately saw visitors interacting and reacting with products in a brand new, fun way. Not only do our visitors now have a way of expressing their feelings quickly, but now we have some idea of what people think of our stuff!

Best of all, early evidence suggests that folks interacting with Antenna on our site are more likely to buy something.

Nice work team Antenna, keep up the awesome work!

Pure Hearts International posted a year ago

Little things sometimes tell you that a developer probably has their act together. In this case, I was incredibly impressed that they have a perfectly set up almost automated way to make a "you install it for me" request.

I've owned a software company and I'm an amateur programmer myself. I easily could have done it but to save time I had them copy and paste the code in my product liquid

He that is faithful in little is faithful in much says the Bible.

I haven't actually seen it in use yet but I would bet that this is going to be a pretty good app.

I've installed 1000+ Shopify apps and I've never seen anything quite as neat as that as far as a "do it for me" on ramp of apps that need minor to more than minor coding done.


Swissbotany posted a year ago

Been using this for a while now on our store. Integrates easily and adds useful shopper feedback that normal reviews just can't offer. Looking forward to using the new video reviews!