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Analytics Buddy
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Analytics Buddy is an app for your online store that pulls data from your Google Analytics profile and displays it right inside your Shopify admin.

Create a beautiful dashboard using the full capabilities Google Analytics has to offer in terms of dimensions, metrics and segmentation.

Data is only truly useful if it is in context. We believe it should be right where you optimize your online store: inside the Shopify admin UI and for the specific page you are working on. Not some other window or app.

When you install Analytics Buddy it will check your Google Analytics profile for common setup and configuration issues. If there are any issues, take advantage of our free audit service!

Kitaabworld posted a year ago

Great app - We get insights into which products our customers considered buying but didn't - always helpful!

Also, very impressed with the level of support. Michael helped us set up Google analytics, and has been very helpful overall!

Yourcandyshop posted a year ago

Ok two part review - #1 The app is simply Awesome - works perfectly and offers insists into what your customer are looking for if you use the in store search tracking and the referral aspect lets you know where to concentrate your efforts or in kind whats not working. Simply a must have for any store owner.
Part #2 Had the program configured a little wrong at first sent an email to Michael asking a question - and he jumped in and hekped me within a matter of a couple of hours having it up and running 100% smoothly and collecting data I really needed and didn't expect.
When it comes to an app and support I will keep my eyes open for whatever this genius comes with - it's bound to be good.

Findmyplan posted 2 years ago

Michael has been an amazing help with the Support he has given us in setting up Analytics Buddy for our online store. If your hesitant with downloading the app don't be, you'll be in good hands!

Vintage Home Boutique posted 2 years ago

Bit of a useless app as there are no reports and you have to go into each product to see views and ads. It would be great if they would have a report that shows this in one place that you could just adjust dates.
If you have a few products I guess it's a good app, but if you have any more than 20 products you really don't have the time to be bothering with the way this is set up.
If you guys add a simple report where you can filter by date, you would be a fantastic tool. One that people would gladly pay for!
Update: I may have been a bit harsh in the original assessment. This is a good app for a store with a small number of products. For our store, with hundreds of products it doesn't work. I wish they would add a paid version with reports and other capabilities.

Fragranceoriginal Com posted 2 years ago

Great app & customer service --for free!

Keepwood Eyewear posted 2 years ago

Excellent support for this great free app! Support person Michael helped set everything up and was available to answer questions promptly. Thanks

Circa81kids posted 2 years ago

Can I start off saying ... I'm confused to why people aren't taking advantage of this app and the service of Michael. Top of the line customer service and gets back to you in less than 24 hours. He also help me understand why I'm not able to read my analytics correctly. This is a must!!!

Zinnia Folk Arts 2 posted 2 years ago

After some set up help from Michael, the app is now set to work properly. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.
Thanks Michael!

Pop Noggins posted 2 years ago

Nice simple app, great for tracking referral traffic.

Yourturnkeystore 147 posted 2 years ago

Great App. Highly Recommended!