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Ako Chatbot - Facebook Customer Chat Plugin
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What is Ako Chatbot?

Ako Chatbot is a service which automatically replies to questions for you, allowing you to set up a FAQ menu, and sell products on Messenger.

What will Ako Chatbot exactly do for you?

  1. Guide your potential customers to find the information they need easily, such as payment, shipping, returns, order status, and more. They don’t need to ask you and wait for responses for hours anymore.

  2. Answer customer’s questions that you have set up a specific answer for.

  3. Show and sell your best products to visitors. This is the quickest way to let them find the product they like and place the order easily via your Shopify checkout gateway.

  4. Give your potential customers an exclusive discount to let them place orders without further looking around or holding it for future purchasing.

  5. You will have a bigger and more accurate audience base for your future Facebook Ads campaign.

What are the best 3 benefits your customers will get when Ako Chatbot is installed?

  1. Significantly save their time. No more waiting or having a difficult time finding the information they need.

  2. Easily find the hottest products and get exclusive deals with only a few clicks.

  3. They can reach you again easily and instantly on mobile. No more missed emails.

Still thinking? Another 3 facts you need to know!

  1. 85% of our clients who installed our app during the beta version have reduced 2-3 hours on customer service per day!

  2. Don’t worry whether your customers will get mad if they can’t talk to a real person. Because they CAN talk to you anytime! They just simply send the message, and then you will get a notification immediately (just like your normal settings).

  3. No coding skill is needed. It’s as simple as setting up a collection on your Shopify store.

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Umade Cc posted 9 months ago

Easy to use. You can use it to set up an exclusive discount for people who talk to you. Save a lot of time on answering the repeated questions too.

Slick Case posted a year ago

Really good app. Save us lots of time in customer service with just an hour for chat setting. Can show our hot sales product which helps a lot.

Usticker posted a year ago

Great app & super friendly support! It's very helpful. Save me almost 2 hours to answer those similar questions every day. And boost sales too!