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Google Shopping Bid Management by AdCurve
$395.00 / month
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Why AdCurve

We believe that your ad spend deserves to be invested, not wasted. We believe that all your ads should be profitable.

AdCurve was born to reveal the real return on your investment, for every single ad. By collecting and analyzing complex data, it helps you invest your money and efforts only in the ads and channels that bring you back the most.

Suited to webshops of any size, AdCurve starts with a 30 day free trial, with pricing from €19.50 per month for each channel.

NEW: AdCurve now also collects your orders from marketplaces like Amazon and injects them directly in your webshop.

How does it work?


Easily get your products on all major channels with AdCurve’s smart product feed & API solution.


Attract more customers by advertising exactly the right products with the rightbids at the right channels. Adcurve can make every channel profitable.


Know the exact ROI of every single ad for extremely targeted product placement. Adcurve calculates the real ROI and profit of your ads based on exact product margins, ad costs, price and advanced algoritms taking into account the contribution of every click in the custom journey towards a sale.

You wouldn’t burn half your money

And yet, 50% of your advertising budget gets wasted.
Some might say that “you need to lose some, to win some”.
We say that you can have it all, without losing anything.
We developed a high-end marketing solution for growing businesses.
Because we believe growth should be affordable.
As we believe that all your ads should be profitable.

And this is our promise:
Total control of your advertising costs. Full transparency. Clear profit.

Harness the power of big-data-driven growth

Additional Benefits

  • Easily connect and publish your ads on over 100 different channels
  • Perfect feeds take the hassle out of online advertising
  • Advanced bidding management for Admarkt and Google Shopping
  • Order integration for marketplaces
  • API connections allow easy campaign optimization in real time
  • Track customer journeys and visits across multiple devices and platforms
  • Integrated tag management for your webshop