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Access Denied - Ban High-Risk Traffic
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The internet has made it awfully easier for crooks to purchase goods posted online fraudulently with stolen credit cards details. In such scenarios, the bank would compensate the buyers up to 90% of the times. You would, therefore, lose both the sale and the product. Online shop owners have to be very cautious of these scams. If you make losses through these scams, your revenue could go down, and your business could crash. If your customers complain of theft of their credit card details from visiting your site, you will lose their trust and your online store would earn a bad reputation.

You could prevent all these unfortunate events with the use of the Access Denied app. It scans all traffic to your online store then blocks the visitors from high-risk countries. In short, it creates a sieving effect.

When you order shipping of your purchased goods, scammers can uncover your shipping address details and replace them with fake addresses. This allows them to receive your items instead. The app catalogs such frauds and blocks such frauds based on their online footprints.

The application can perform these functions because of the following impressive features.


You have a full list of up to 250 countries that you can blacklist. There are no legal requirements, and the countries have no justification to raise complain due to such action. It is all up to you. Genuine customers from the blocked countries would have no option but to contact you for an exception or find other similar stores to get their products and shipping services. Your security is paramount.


You can grant individual customers, employees and corporations in blacklisted countries special permission to access your online store. This is achieved through a whitelist feature on your end. Ensure that you apply this function to entities that are trustworthy and profitable. You do not want to lose great customers because of a few rogue ones.

Customization of the Page

Your access denied page does not have to be blank. You can add to it up to 19 premade web templates with your logo, texts, email, and social profiles. Clueless visitors who are trying to access your store from blacklisted countries would probably want a reason for the dead end. You could put information on your templates to explain the action. The email and social media links would open them to communication with you and discussion with other customers.


Works great with mobile devices

The application works great on mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. It is touch responsive, and it is displayed clearly and fully on your screen.

You do not need skills in IT to use this app. You will have a bunch of well-explained buttons to click; that’s all! Acquire the app today, keep your site secure and protect your customers from fraud.

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Bad Habit Clothing posted a year ago

It allows sellers to foresee the risk associated with unknown street address in the WORLD and get notified! How cool is that! It is one of the best app I installed. It really does the work for you. I cannot say anything bad about this app. It is great app and every companies should have installed this app. Including the big sellers :)

Ubuywerush posted a year ago

I don't usually write review easy but this app not only good with pricing but when I requested a new feature it was Implemented within 2 days which is an excellent customer service

Beautiful Winona posted a year ago

The app does what it says it does. Support is very quick and helpful at answering questions. New price structure is just what the doctor ordered.

Usb Holic posted a year ago

I've just received a notification from Access Denied team about their new pricing structure. It is even more affordable than the old flat pricing. Thank you so much for developing this such useful app and keep listening to our feedback. I now don't have to install other fraud detection apps because all unwanted visitors are blocked by Access Denied automatically before they have any chance to scam us. RECOMMEND for EVERY SHOPIFY STORE. Don't lose both your sales and your products because you didn't install this app. A++++++ rating for sure.

Vassello posted 2 years ago

Been using this app for a month now, and does exactly what it is meant to do. Was very easy to set up at the beginning and then you just leave it alone to run in the background. This app has done a great job at blocking certain countries from accessing my website and all for just $9.99 a month which is a bargain. Great app for keeping your website store safe from countries known for there high fraud rate.

Kinder Kouture posted 2 years ago

Thank you so much for developing this app. I really hated to implement it, but it was so necessary. I have had problems of certain countries lingering or visiting my site up to 200 times a day. I have also had my pictures stolen and then used to reproduce my products. This app has given me some control.